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Welcome Crisis

After Vilnius I even had no time to breathe in and breathe out.

I sat down in front of my Skype the same evening.

I had scheduled events online.

To wake up the next morning seized by a looming crisis.

Yes, right.

This very stupid and visible economic one.

Lasso, chafing twine.

Snatching everyone indiscriminately.

I wish it were something more personal instead.

Yesterday’s events I had throughout the day did not keep me from thinking about what I was to do.

In some background mode.

Caught on this sharp gad.

The whole of today was about waiting for the reply.

A letter requesting clarification.


Empty mailbox.

At 19:00 I sat down in front of my Skype again.

And got that long-expected reply.

Nothing clear again.

Just tweaked familiar formulas.


28 October 2014. – Saint Petersburg (Russia)