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Tere Tallinnast

This is Tallinna Bussijaam.

I am sitting and scribbling.

Waiting for our bus back home.

Yesterday we spent running around the objects to photo them before our Vilnius evening in the Greenhouse.

The last concert was a terrible bore.

This is what some start calling the “Soviet Union of Europe”.

If a chamber orchestra from Belgium wants to play in Vilnius, there is an unwritten ‘must’.

A curtsey towards the local art.

Like goode aulde Soviet LPs “Talented Music of Soviet Tajik Composers”.

And for musicians it is not just to sit down and play prima vista.

One should take time.

To learn and to rehearse.

One’s personal time.

The whole fuss with this Gaida festival for me was exclusively about Sofia Gubaidulina, Les Percussions de Strasbourg and Gérard Grisey.

Lithuanian composers simply show that they know how to stuff as much techniques into one score as it is possible.

But now I am sitting in the Tallinn Bus Station.

Tere hommikust.

26 October 2014. – Tallinn (Estonia)