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Halloween Vilnius

When Anna E. called at 1 p.m. sharp, I understood that Halloween started.

We celebrated it online.

Instead of discussing scientific writing we plunged into reading about ‘terrifying’ Halloween games.

Can you imagine?

You should look for pumpkins everywhere or just walk in circles not to step onto the witch’s hat.

Or even better.

Have you ever glued a wart onto a witch’s nose?

I never have.

Or have you ever chased a ghost with a broom?

Or played bowling using gourds and pumpkins?

Or built a scarecrow?


It was probably not the best idea to invite people on October 31st — November 1st (2014) Hallow’s Eve to discuss Vilnius.

Suppose they will just go batty? Suppose they may be scared to come?

30 October 2014. – Saint Petersburg (Russia)