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Vilnius Morning

We left Riga at 12:30 yesterday (24 Oct. 2014).

Ruta stays in Riga for several days more.

I finished my article on my way to Vilnius in the bus.

LuxExpress buses all have Wi-Fi.

Comfortable to work.

Ilya Khrustalev met us near where the bus dropped us.

He drove us to his place and gave us the keys.

A guy from Moscow now living in Vilnius.

Couchsurfing rules.

We found a host and hopefully a new acquaintance.

Although he had to go to Minsk all of a sudden.

We still hope to go for a drink with him on Sunday when he returns.

We suddenly encountered a problem.

There are literally no exchange spots in Vilnius.

Only after questioning the loicals we were told there was actually one single spot open late.

Railway station.

I am not sure about today — Saturday.

I see everything is closed on the weekends normally.

The end to the evening was just perfect.

I finally heard Les Percussions de Strasbourg live.

Live, live, live.

And a vegetarian subbasement cafe to crown the day.

25 October 2014. – Vilnius (Lithuania)