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Whatever happens…

Morns and eves keep steadily gathering speed. They glisten in front of our perplexed gaze. Quicker and quicker. Day after day. Night after night. Week after week. Year after year. One more is now standing in queue to descend into the Annals. Only an eye blink will soon be enough to trace the years steeply landsliding into the abyss of Nothingness.

These are Memory and Unpredictability – two inseparable sisters – that matter.

Because… whatever happens, we nevertheless leave it all to chance. What is awaiting tomorrow? Thank God we are unaware.

Theatrics and Surprise. Turns and U-Turns. Forty-five, Ninety, One-Eighty, Three-Sixty. Doesn’t matter.

A Happy New Year to all of you! My Love to you is unlimited.

31 December 2008. – Dzerzhinsk (Russia)