Секретарь Повседневности

31 октября 2019. Новгород Великий, Россия.

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Ну или на худой конец так: Архитектурный киберпанк, который мы заслужили.



Шведская грамматика в таблицах и схемах

Russian original:
Н.И. Жукова
Л.С. Замотаева
Ю.В. Перлова
“Шведская грамматика в таблицах и схемах

(In English: N.I. Žukova, L.S. Zamotajeva, J.V. Pierlova “Swedish Grammar in Schemes and Tables”)

I am usually quite sceptical about such “brief descriptions”, but this one (for the Swedish language) is just brilliant and definitely recommended.



Olympic mentioned Olympic during my talk on the Rock of Eurasia a couple of days ago.

Now I am re-listening to all of their albums in the chronological order and start understanding that they are no less great than the legendary Omega of Hungary.

They went through incredible stylistic transformations, but always managed to produce the material of quality.



Novgorod Velikij

Downtown Novgorod Velikij was seriously mutilated during the wars and (especially) Soviet ‘reconstructions’. What is basically shown to the visitors in the center is not actually worth seeing, save a couple of really interesting spots.

Real treasures are scattered outside the town, in the area only reachable by car.

Three pre-Mongolian churches are definitely to be seen: very few of them survived on the Russian territory.

Address: Russia, Novgorodskaja oblastj, Novgorod
1. Rurik’s Hillfort (Rjurikovo Gorodiśe): first Russian “government” resided here around 862-880
2. Church of Transfiguration on Nieriedica Hill, 1198
3. Church of Transfiguration on Kovaljovo Field, 1345


Секретарь Повседневности

30 октября 2019. Новгород Великий, Россия.

Это остатки Гостиного двора на берегу Волхова.

А у россиян страсть к заборам в крови. Непонятно, зачем, но влепить самую функционально бессмысленную оградку – непременно нужно.

Щоб була.



Latvian Original: Sēd uz sliekšņa pasaciņa, 1987 Original: Sēd uz sliekšņa pasaciņa, 1987
(In English: A Fairy-Tale Has Landed On My Threshold)

Poetry by Johanna Emīlija Lizete Rozenberga (Aspazija), 1865-1943.

Directed by Roze Stiebrа.

Music by Zigmars Liepiņš.

Mesmerizing and philosophic, the cartoon is among the best Latvian animated works, with fantastic music.


Liāna Langa (b. 1960): getting acquainted with poets through their quotes.

Appreciate how strange the image might seem at the first sight, but how everything is simple in its core.

skaitu lodītes; kas
man sekundes, gadi
(I am counting the little balls,
of what importance are seconds and years to me, then?)


Секретарь Повседневности

25 октября 2019. Санкт-Петербург, Россия.

Вау – вот это открытие.

“Вегкабина” во двориках Восстания, 24 (пространство “Флигель”). Веганские сырники со сгущенкой на кокосовом молоке, например. И всякие кофи на всяких сиропах.



I guess when these two Czech progressive rock bands released guess when these two Czech progressive rock bands released and premiered their albums, it was an event of significance. And most probably it passed unnoticed despite the fact that both groups are worth serious attention.

Dunaj‘s Rosol is a full-scale concept album sending shivers down one’s spine with its omnivorous texts, mesmerizing recitative, scary shrieking at times. Everything is in its place, and you will most probably be absorbed by the music from the very first chord to the last.

To get acquainted with Progres 2 I would choose Odlet for a start. A track very close to electronic and symphonic rock, it shows the group’s distinctive sound and style.

English titles:
Dunaj “Jelly”, 1991
Progres 2 “Departure”, 1980
Original titles (Czech):
Dunaj “Rosol”, 1991
Progres 2 “Odlet”, 1980



Listen to what Lesser Asclepiad sounds like.

Listen to what Lesser Asclepiad sounds like.

Reading of Horace’s “Exegi monumentum“.

—X | —UU— || —UU— | UX

Ēxēgī monumēnt[um] āere perēnniūs
rēgālīque sitū pỹramid[um] āltiūs,
quōd nōn īmber edax, nōn aquil[o] īmpotēns
pōssīt dīruer[e a]ūt īnnumerābilīs…