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Important News

News first: Autumn 2015 – Spring 2016 we will spend in St. Petersburg.

Moving back to Moscow is delayed for some reason.

This means, starting the end of August 2015 our events will be renewed.

We have some fresh ideas in store.


…being a public person implies not only huge responsibilities and some possibilities.

It also implies being squeezed out like a lemon.

Season 2014-2015 was extremely rich in events and travels, achievements and new guests, failures and victories.

What I was sincelely thinking (or dreaming) about, can be reduced to two short words.

“Carry on!”

On and on up and down the mountains — in search of some objects I will dubiously have a chance to see later in my life, if not now.

I prepared dozens of cards, developed some routes…

…to arrive at the family guesthouse in Agoy (Russia) Kim booked and to understand how a fallen tree might feel.

I crept onto the bed — absolutely unable to move, like melted wax.

Kim was trying to wake me up but I was switched off during the entire afternoon, and only late in the evening, when, sitting on a desert wild beach, I managed to open my eyes — did I understand what it means, to be tired of social life.

So, my plan for the upcoming days is not to interrupt my Skype seminars and to brush up my writings in the afternoon. Swimming and yoga, mornings. Abkhazia for 2-3 days (Eastern part) — as I still need to see the afterwar part.

And back to our sunny and hot Petersburg.

26 July 2015. — Agoy (Russia)