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In Vilnius Airport

I am now sitting in the Vilnius Airport waiting for my Madrid check-in. Sasha’s already waiting for me in Madrid, and we are about to start the research work.

The reason why Kim suggested the train (and not the Lux Express bus) was that this Saint Petersburg – Vilnius route is to be cancelled since June 1, 2015. To be among its last passengers was the strongest reason to accept the ‘general sleeper’ option (‘platzkarte’).

After the Restaurant Day I was 100% hoarse and could not speak at all. But the three funny Lithuanian dames said: “That’s no good. We’re gonna cure you.” 

Brandy appeared on the table, and my voice was magically becoming stronger and stronger minute after minute.

The one sitting next to me gave me a ‘lucky Lithuanian euro’ which is from now on in my wallet to protect me.

Luckily I was weak and ill, so I savoured all these snoring, coughing, farting and baby-crying noises only as a matter of background wakening me only twice during the night.

18 May 2015. — Vilnius (Lithuania)