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One Improvised Political Evening

If someone who does not give a damn about politics suddenly joins the crowds to say enough, this means one thing and only.

This means enough.

It is a pot boiling over its brim…

You guys just got us at that, really.

Even those who are apolitical to the same extent as I am.

And yes. I am one of those.

I am saying – enough.


Of course there is no question about changing or affecting the absurd ruling.

No way to change the system.

Neither to break the ice overnight.

But this is a moment when you feel united. That you are not alone…

That there is someone sharing your ideas. Your beliefs. Your aspirations.

…Since many and many a month have not I seen so many clever and nice faces, full of hope and inspiration.

I was dead sure we had irrevocably lost them to immigration.

Of course, it was not Tahrir. Neither was it Taksim. Not too many of us.

But after this silence. This obedience. This passivity…

At least something.

We were there at around 18:30 (6:30 pm). Just half an hour before everything started.

Flooded streets. No fear any more.

We may. We must.

Let me be frank. I was sure there would be no one.

But the people got together. Just in no time. In a whiff of several hours.

A spark ran through the society.

I can not be sure. There were 4-5 thousand at my superficial estimate.

Maybe more, given that people came and went, the afflux becoming less and less controlled minute after minute.

Slogans. No flags, by the way.

Why am I here? Probably because I do not want to emigrate.

Because I want to live in my own country. Working for it. Contributing to its cultural treasury.

Because I want to see my country hospitable to guests from all over the world.

Want to welcome them. Show them around. Talk about all my architectures, musics, philosophies, and literatures.

Knowing that never will there repeat the times when we were just shivering like rabbits.

Waiting for a midnight knock at the door.

I know not of what was happening later, after 21:00 (9 p.m.), but until that time the police really behaved quite reasonably, only indicating by gestures and comments: “Dear citizens, please keep off the traffic way, please return to the sidewalk.”

At one moment they tossed into the crowd, grasping someone and dragging him to the police van.

As my friends are posting me now, along with news agencies confirming their words, the police have now started to “mop up” the streets.

Nevertheless I want to hope that there will come a moment when I will think exclusively about my arts, science, and teaching uni students. Doing what I have to do. Solving political questions at a ballot box.

With politics being something serious and important. Not just a circus with thieves as the main draw.

I am saying:


Tsvetelina Miteva of the “Moscow News” recognized me in the crowd and made a snapshot of me.

19 July 2013. – Moscow (Russia)