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Kosovo: A Brief Introduction to a Legalized Illegality

The West, with the obvious profanation of all the international law institutions, with its double-standard policy of its marasmic democracy, going from bad to worse day by day, evidently provoking Russia’s drastic counter steps, has triumphantly put a bomb in its own hencoop, thus unleashing the previously latent and more or less controllable processes, which will not be easy to stop from now onward. The day X we’ve been fearing has finally come.

Officially, we hardly know (and apparently never will) the real reasons why the Bush Administration has been so fanatically craving after the instability on the Balkans, thus declutching the frail chain to keep the highly explosive contemporary world from a sequence of local conflicts; we can hardly explain why the “civilized Europe”, apparently closing the eyes on the historic evidence that the territory of the former Yugoslavia has been an apple of discord for more than a century, is pushing the peoples of the world back into the 1914 scenario; we can but tell fortunes by coffee grounds, why the European politicians pretend to have plunged into an uncovered cecity and ignorance, in the pursuit of instantaneous profits and overtly cynical aims scheming against the undesirably strong country to the East of their frontiers; we can but conjecture what sovereignty parade or (which is worse) civil wars this notorious auto-declaration of independence, based on an undisguised violation of the international law, might cause.

One thing is clear: neither France, nor Germany, nor the USA, nor England and others of their ilk care a shit about the Kosovars. Serbia is but an intermediary card in a bigger game, where the gambles are frighteningly high, and where a nation is not worth thinking of. All they need is the precedent to make Russia split. There is no other explanation to this bustle. Just don’t be so naïve as to believe that they don’t sleep down there in Washington, only planning a better future for the Balkans: we have already had all the necessary proofs during the NATO bombings of the 90-s.

I am looking the world atlas through, with which I have been dreaming of poking around the most inaccessible and distant areas… And the small list I confected, comprising those coveting the Kosovo precedent, made, to put it mildly, my hair stand on end… Of course, the list is by no means exhaustive.

* Belgium – on the brink of splitting in two parts: Walloon and Flemish;

* Spain – Basques and their autonomy pretence;

* Ireland – the still undepleted conflict between the Catholics and the Protestants;

* Cyprus – Turkish “protectorate”;

* Turkey – Kurdistan;

* Georgia – South Ossetia and Abkhazia (as a matter of fact, Georgia has ceased to be a federative entity since very long);

* China – Tibet;

* Azerbaijan – Karabakh;

* India – Kashmir;

* Moldavia – Transnistria;

* Canada – Quebec (how amazingly short human memory is: it has quite quickly obliterated the reminiscences of the rebellions in this French-speaking enclave).

Hilarious and euphoric, they are exploding petards and making fireworks in Pristina, they are quaffing champagne in Brussels and wherever – to the democracy they have made devoid of sense themselves. If the situation comes to what the Western cynicism is now planning, it is erroneously hoping to remain in even a relative safety…